If you’re looking up for Africa’s breathtaking scenery, you need a higher ground. Africa Mountain offers just that.  Africa has many majestic mountains ideal for exhilarating climbing adventures, trekking and rock climbing. Climbing Mount Kenya or Mount Kilimanjaro is one of the truly an unforgettable experience. The mountains capture your imagination of a truly adventurous safari in Africa.

The mountains unique features are that they have snow despite them being on equator.  They are also challenging enough for the faint hearted while those seeking a more vigorous challenge can try rock climbing. Mount Kilimanjaro offer climbing in different routes which include, Machame Route, Marangu Route, lemosho route, Rongai Route among others. Mount Kenya is more scenic and challenging that Mt Kilimanjaro. Mt. Kenya is also smaller in height than Kilimanjaro.  The three major routes for climbing Mount Kenya are Sirimon route, the easiest and most famous. Narumoru route, the most challenging but short and Chogoria route which is the most scenic but take more days to climb.