Kenya offers a huge amount of diversity in terms of Safari activities, sceneries, wildlife, cultures and beaches. Being located on the equator, Kenya enjoys a perfect climate all year round. The landscapes are breathtaking and will stay in your memory for a lifetime.

Safaris were born in Kenya. The abundance of animals and birds explain why Kenya will not disappoint as the ultimate safari destination. For the beach lovers, the white and sandy beaches stretch for miles and the blue warm waters are irresistible.

Kenya is a melting pot of cultures with Arabic influence on the coast to the flamboyant Samburu and the Maasai. Most of the local traditions are still practiced here and the Kenyan people smiles are contagious.

Talk of a country with a story to tell, Kenya has a fascinating history from the days of the Arabs traders to the more recent “Out of Africa” stories.

To sum it up, the Kenyan sunset will leave you breathless and lasting impression in your memory for a lifetime