How do we choose your safari camp, lodge or hotel?

Capture Kenya is in the business of making memories during your safari holiday. In regards to that, we choose your accommodation depending on a number of factors;

We like to support conservation and community around the area you are visiting. This means your camp/lodge or hotel will be in an establishment that are committed to preservation of wildlife and also where the community benefits directly or indirectly from your visit.

Another factor we highly regard during our safari planning is how close to wildlife you will be. Some properties are located in prime wildlife areas than others. We also make sure that you don’t have to drive very long distances before you start sighting wildlife during your game drive.

The next criteria we use while planning your safari program is your comfort as a visitor. To most of our clients and visitors to Africa, A safari is not just for wildlife, people and beautiful countryside. It’s also about relaxing and experiencing new world frontiers. This can only be achieved where you are comfortable. We ensure that you get that while on safari.

In that, we also make sure the lodge or camps are offering quality services. Great meals prepared to international standard, well trained and professional staff and mostly hired from the local community. We choose camps and lodges that offer great and exceptional personal touch giving you a great value or your money.

The last criteria is to ensure that we give accommodation options that meet your travel budget, we will advise accordingly on various camps and lodges that are within your budget but still maintaining the above quality of great location, use of the locals, involved in sustainable tourism practice as well as great value for your money.